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Hi, I’m Andrew Jensen and welcome to Mortgage Savings Expert! We’re a matchmaking service that introduces people, just like you, to their dream mortgage and financial advisor (Yes… that’s possible!).

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If you’re reading this now, you will have used Mortgage Savings Expert before to get a free quote from one of our mortgage or financial advisors. It could have been because your current mortgage deal was coming to an end, you were looking for general remortgage advice, you wanted to consolidate expensive debts (like credit cards or personal loans), or you were looking to get on the property ladder as a first-time buyer, etc.

Whatever the reason, you will only have received our emails if you gave us express permission to do so.

If you don’t remember us, the most likely reason is because you could have made your enquiry quite a while ago (possibly over 3 months!).

Unfortunately, we’ve been slack at staying in touch with you and I apologise for that. But we’re looking to change that now.

Moving forward, we’re on a mission to educate the British people (for free) on how to take back control over over their personal finances. Now, more than ever, this is so important.

We’ll be doing our best to help people through these difficult times with innovative online tools, educational articles, blogs, newspeices and more, that will help them save money, make more money, and ensure they’re fully protected should things go wrong.

Why Stick With Us?

Let’s face it… Personal finances are complicated. Whether it’s navigating your way through incomprehensible jargon, complicated formulas and boring interest rates, or simply trying to figure out the most cost-effective way of achieving something. It’s a painful process!

We’re here to help you cut through the noice and make the most of your financial situation, whilst keeping everything as simple, and jargon-free, as possible. Here’s why you should stick with us:

It’s Completly FREE

Free education, free online tools and free access to industry experts & advice, if you need it. And it will ALWAYS stay that way too. We don’t need to charge you a penny because the panel of advisors we work with pay us instead.

Save Money

Save money with our free advice or work with on of our partners who help you get the most for your money. They’ll compare the leading providers for whatever product you’re interested in. Whether it’s a new mortgage deal or better life insurance product, they have access to many deals that aren’t available anywhere else.

Save Time

Not 100% sure you want to manage everything yourself? Working with one of our partners means you won’t have to go through the learning curve. They’ll save you worry, stress and endless hours pouring over various product deals.

Privacy & Compliance Focused

We’re committed to your privacy and compliant with all relevant authorities. We’ll never pass on your information to anyone else unless you give us express permission to do so.

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